Vendor / Performer Information

Durham Parks and Recreation (DPR) presents a series of outdoor festivals and events throughout the year. For many of these events we seek a variety of vendors including food and non-food vendors to satisfy the needs of the attendees at these events.

Food Vendors

All items being consumed by participants (whether it is beverages, food, desserts, frozen treats, ice cream, etc.) are considered to be a food vendor. For current food vendor opportunities, and to apply please visit our online Food Vendor Application

Please note, submitting the form does not guarantee a spot. The form will be sent to the DPR staff member coordinating the event. DPR staff will review each application to confirm space is available at the event as well as compare the food and beverage offerings listed on the application to ensure there is a balance of items for sale. We are no longer accepting applications by mail.

Food Vendor Selection

Vendors will be selected on a first come, first serve basis with consideration given for a variety of food and beverage offerings at each event. Only mobile food units or push cart peddlers who hold up to date food service permits with the Durham County Public Health Office will be considered.

If you have been selected you will be sent a link to our online system where you will can make payment. After receiving the email, you can pay in person at any DPR recreation center or at the DPR Administration office during normal business hours. You will have 2 business days to pay and provide a copy of your certificate of insurance from when the acceptance email is sent. If you do not pay within in the 2 business day time frame your reserved space will be released and you will need to reapply.

Non-food Vendors

Non-food vendors can register online. To apply for a non-food vendor space for any event (with the exception of the Earth Day Festival), please visit our online registration site. Type in the event name in the search bar, and select the vendor category you qualify for. 

If you have never participated in an event or program with DPR you will need to create an account. After creating an account and / or logging in you will need to answer all of the required questions and pay the fee. If you prefer to pay in person, you can select pay later. Please note, your space will not be secured until your payment has been processed. If you prefer to apply in person, please visit the DPR Administration Office located at 400 Cleveland Street or any DPR Recreation Center during normal business hours. We are no longer accepting applications by mail.

Non-food Vendor Category Descriptions

Education / Non-profit
Education/Non-profits who are not selling items; intended only for giving away printed literature/materials describing their community services and/or organization. 

Artist/Natural Crafts
All items must be hand-crafted, original design made by the exhibitor, authentic antiques (No reproductions), original visual art, photography, graphics and fabric art, hand-crafted originals in wood, leather or metal, handmade pottery, sculptures and ceramics, hand woven baskets (No kits), and hand-made jewelry.

All items being sold that are mass produced, reproduced, etc. Commercial Businesses are considered as non-food vendors.

Vendor / Performer Database

If you are interested in being added to our Vendor and / or Performer Database please fill out our online forms. Please note: entering your information does not guarantee a vendor or performance slot. We will use this database to contact vendors and / or performers as needed.

Vendor Database Form

Performer Database Form