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Non-Profit Tackle Football and Field Use

The increased interest from local, non-profit tackle football programs to use our fields has required us to reevaluate our policies and procedures. 

We also recognize the importance of making our spaces available to as many as possible. So, as we continue to evaluate tackle football field use, manage our fields responsibly for all, and make our processes even more inclusive and accessible, we have developed the following procedures*:

  • The following fields are the only spaces we will currently rent out for tackle football. We will continually monitor these and consider opening other fields in the future:
    • Holton Career & Resource Center Fields
    • East Durham Park (South of Main St.)
    • East End Park (West of Alston St.)
    • Sherwood Park
  • Portable toilets should be provided by DPR at East Durham and East End Parks. Permanent restrooms are available at Holton Career & Resource Center and Sherwood Park.
  • In an effort to reduce barriers to youth football organizations using fields, we are going to offer and promote our Fee Waiver program / process.

*These changes eliminate our previous process and policy of requiring an LSA (or other volunteer partnership), maintenance fee and a rental fee charge for tackle football.