How do I make payment?

Pay your balance online, at our Administration Office located at 400 Cleveland Street, or any recreation center.

Online Payment Instructions

How To Make A Payment as an Organization 

  • Login Online
  • Click “My Account,” located in the top corner. Towards the bottom of the screen, you should see “Organization Services.”
  • Click the dropdown arrow in the “Organization Services”  box, then click “View Details” in blue." Here, you may view your current permit by clicking the blue hyperlinked number under “Receipt Information” and then the permit number (highlighted in blue under “Description”).
  • Once you are done viewing your permit, go back to “My Account” and click “View Details” again. You should see an option to “Pay Balance.” 
  • After clicking “Pay Balance,” you can click “Add to Cart” and “Proceed to Check out.” Enter your information and click “Pay and Finish.” 

How To Make A Payment as an Individual

  • Login Online
  • Click “My Account,” located in the top corner. 
  • In the “Payment and Order Management” box, click “Transaction and Payment History” to view your permit.
  • Here, you may view your most recent transactions. Clicking the blue hyperlinked number in each box will lead you to individual transactions. On each receipt, you can get to your permit by clicking the blue highlighted "Permit #" that always starts with the letter "R".
  • After viewing, please click "My Account" and then "Pay on Account."

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