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McCown-Mangum House

Subfacility of West Point on the Eno

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About the McCown-Mangum House

The McCown-Mangum House is a restored 1850s farmhouse at West Point on the Eno Park. Rent this facility for your next small gathering such as a wedding, reception or meeting.


  • Brick patio
  • Gardens
  • Heating and air conditioning
  • Porches
  • Restrooms
  • Rooms sheathed in original heart pine boards
  • Spacious kitchen
  • Chairs (40)

 Please note, amenity availability is subject to change. Furniture inside the house may not be used or moved.


  • Building - 60 (maximum 20 guests per room)
  • Patio/Porch - 40


The McCown-Mangum House is currently closed and unavailable for reservations. Please check back soon for details on when we will be able to reopen and accept reservations.

Tour Days & Times

Monday through Friday, by appointment only. Please contact West Point on the Eno Park at 919-471-1623 to schedule a tour.

Rental Times

  • Sunday through Saturday
  • 8 a.m. to 10 p.m.

The facility will be closed on Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.


The lot is available to all park goers and is on a first come first serve basis.


Security Deposit
Events without alcohol$200
Events with alcohol$250

Rental Fees (CR: City Resident / NCR: Non-City Resident)
Monday - Thursday
CR: $100 NCR: $115
Friday - Sunday & Holidays
CR: $200 NCR: $225

Additional Fees
Application fee without alcohol (non-refundable)$15
Application fee with alcohol (non-refundable)$50

Alcohol Information

Alcoholic beverages are strictly prohibited except when permits to serve such beverages are obtained from Durham Parks and Recreation and/or the State ABC Board. Permits can be found at ABC Commission North Carolina website.

Events in which alcohol will be served are required to hire event security through the Durham Police Department. Renters are responsible for contacting the Durham Police Department to obtain information and to schedule officers for their event. Payment is due in cash, to the officer(s) at the beginning of the event. Renters should contact Officer Monte Sutherland at (919) 943-7370 to arrange security.

A certificate of liability insurance must be provided to Durham Parks and Recreation no later than 15 days prior to event. The insurance must show general liability insurance with an alcohol/liquor rider for at least $1,000,000, naming the City of Durham as an additional insured. The certificate of insurance must have an original signature covering the date of your event. Insurance can be obtained from any insurance company (Ex. WedSafe, Travelers Insurance, State Farm, etc.).

Additional Information

Visit the Facility Rental page for more information on rental procedures, rules for the use / sale of alcohol, and frequently asked questions.