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Whippoorwill Park

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  1. Baseball / Softball Field - Youth
  2. Field Lights
  3. Greenway / Trail Access
  4. Grill
  5. Picnic Shelter
  6. Picnic Tables
  7. Playground (Ages 2-12)
  8. Restrooms
  9. Swings - Standard
  10. Swings - Toddler (Bucket Swing)
  11. Tennis Courts
  12. Water Fountain

Whippoorwill Park

Whippoorwill Park is a 25.27 acre park in North Durham. The Warren Creek trail connects to Whippoorwill Park.

Picnic Shelter

Visit the picnic shelter rentals page for complete details on renting the shelter at Whippoorwill Park.

Athletic Rentals

Visit the athletic rentals page for complete details on renting a field or court at Whippoorwill Park.

Public Art

Artist: Lidia Churakova
Completed: April 2019

In addition to supplementing the diversity of the City’s growing public art collection and supporting the facilities available at City parks, the Neighborhood Park Mural Project aims to engage local artists in the creation of murals that celebrate the culture and history of Durham’s neighborhoods. Lidia Churakova is a visual artist living and working in Raleigh, NC, that pulls information from the interaction of nature with the products of human existence. 

Colorful tennis mural at Whippoorwill Park