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Durham Parks and Recreation - Rock Quarry Park Event Space Rental Application Form

  1. Personal Information
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  4. Non-Profit (501c3)
  5. Rental Information
  6. What type of event are you having (ex. Wedding, Birthday Party, Reunion, etc.)?
  7. Name, Phone Number

  8. What time do you need to enter the facility in order to set up by the start of your event?
  9. What time does your event begin and end?
  10. What time will you be finished cleaning up and exiting the facility?
  11. Will you have amplified sound during your event?*
  12. Will you have an amusement ride or inflatable? *
  13. Will you have any tents?*
  14. If you answered yes to the previous question, are the tents larger than 10x10'?
  15. Will there be vendors selling goods other than food?*
  16. Will you be selling food?*
  17. Will you be setting up a building or stage?*
  18. Will you be serving alcohol?*
  19. What type of alcohol will you be serving?
  20. How will alcohol be served?
  21. Please note:

    If you answered yes to any of the above questions, a special event permit will be required.

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