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Durham Parks and Recreation - Non-Food Vendor Application


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    1. The City of Durham Parks and Recreation Department (DPR) presents a series of  festivals and events throughout the year. We are seeking a variety of Artist/Natural Crafts, Education/Non-profit, and Non-Food vendors to satisfy the needs of the attendees at these events and programs.  

      Please read and apply for the appropriate category: 

      Artist/Natural Crafts:  All items must be hand-crafted, original design made by the exhibitor, authentic antiques (NO REPRODUCTIONS), original visual art, photography, graphics & fabric art, hand-crafted originals in wood, leather or metal, handmade pottery, sculptures and ceramics, hand woven baskets (NO KITS), and hand-made jewelry  

      Non-food vendors: All items being sold that are mass produced, reproduced, etc.  Commercial Businesses are considered  

      Education/Non-profits: Education/Non-profits who are not selling items; intended only for giving away printed literature/materials describing their community services and/or organization.  

      City Department: A department that is a part of the City of Durham Municipal structure.  Example: Parks and Recreation

      All vendors will be notified of their application status by late February.  If a space is assigned, instructions will be emailed about how to login and pay fees.